February 09, 2006

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I'm a big LOST fan. Last night's episode was great. It's the little things that catch my attention and excite me about this show. Like the waitress in the restaurant serving Sawyer was Kate's Mom. I love this, it's got a hidden truth, the six degrees of separation factor, all lives intertwine.

Other things that I liked about last night's episode:
- Hurley trying to cheer Sayid up, by waving a radio at him and finally only getting Moonlight Sonata.
- Jin speaking in Korean as though everyone knows what he's saying by the tone of his voice. (Jin ROCKS!)
- Sawyer's smile after entering the numbers in the PC, as though the world owed him one.

Next weeks episode looks really good. We finally see what happens when the timer hits 0. I'm glad LOST is on during the Olympics, as I've haven't seen a start up date for the last few episodes of ALIAS. Another show I love and will post about soon. J.J. Abrams ROCKS.

All this talk about 'six-degrees' has made me wonder what Sawyer's Bacon factor is. Josh to Matthew Fox (LOST) >>Matthew to Neve Campbell (Party of Five) >>Neve to Kevin Bacon in Wild Things. Bacon Factor of 3. Shorter than I thought.

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