March 08, 2006

22 Weeks

August 7th, 2006 I am going to swim 'The Lake' with my friend Jen and her sister Val. So this post and others to follow are a count down. Jen and I have 22 weeks to prepare for The Swim. We are good swimmers, but we need to work on our endurance for the 5 mile swim. (I hope not to need the assistance of the 'bubble' I had at three) I'm not sure what Val is doing to prepare, however, having 5 children, she probably has the stamina-thing wrapped up!
This week I am working on a list of pump-me-up songs to go on my Swim Training CD. It's a small start but a necessary one. Does anyone have any suggestions for songs to work out to? (It's kinda cute that I ask y'all this. I mean there are what, 3 of you that are reading this. ....maybe....)

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mel & james said...

"Crazy in Love" - Beyonce & Jay-Z
"Kodachrome" - Paul Simon
"Bohemian like you" - Dandy Warhols
"Get Loose" - The Salads
"Fortunate son" - CCR
"He Wasn't" - Avril Lavigne