May 06, 2006

Fashion Lady Luck

Jen and I went shopping this weekend. We were both successful but Jen was the super lucky one. She bought the Coolest Shoes. I would have bought them too if they were in my size, but probably never would have worn them as they are a sans-nylon look and I've never been good with that, I always get blisters. I dream of having these What-not-to-Wear-after-makeover-she-looks-fabulous-now shoes. I can't complain too much, Fashion Lady Luck was on my side later that day. I found a pink/purplish coloured tank to go with my new black blazer and existing grey pants. The lucky part was that the outfit I thought would look good together didn't but the tank perfectly matched the colour of a thin pinstripe in another pair of grey pants I had and they still fit! I rarely have Fashion Lady Luck on my side. The last time was the little black dress I bought 4 hours before Cam & Amy's wedding in December 2004. I figure I'll be due again for a little fashion luck around October 2007.

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