June 21, 2006

Father's Day 10K

RJ entered his first race of the season, The Father's Day Run here in Waterloo. It was an early morning, but not early enough to beat the humidity. RJ's time was under an hour and on pace with last years 10K time, so he was content with that as last years race was not as hot (it was in May) and was all down hill (top of Young street to the bottom).

There was also a 3K and 5K run at the same time. Because it was Father's Day a lot of little kids went in the 3K with their Dad's. It's amazing to see these kids running without a care and requiring no extra effort for them to exert this amount of energy on a hot morning. Makes you wonder if it wasn't the parents plan all along to have a quiet, restful Father's Day by tiring out the kids at 9am.

The next race will be The Octoberfest Run. I'll do the 5 K and RJ'll do the 10K. That's right, another goal for me, way in to future.

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