June 11, 2006

I'm here.

A lot has happened since the last post, starting with leaving my job. I wish I could say that I had the guts to one day just pick up and leave. No explanation, just a see yah! as I'm heading out the door. But, instead my reason for leaving was the commute. It was a planned decision when we were house hunting and one that I am very happy with. Of course I'll miss the people, but I'll keep in touch with the ones that are 'special'.

It's been two weeks since I left and other than the lightning strike that hit our house, it's been a pretty great two weeks. (Lightning strikes get their own post so I won't talk too much about that now)

I've been really feeling creative lately. Finally putting pictures to paper. I completed three layouts in one day and did six or seven cards today. This one is for my friend Katy's birthday. I love the solo K stamp from CTMH and this paper is my favorite. I love the colour red right now, cranberry in this case. It's so nice to be able to sit down and get pages done. My inspiration has come from the blog Make art every day. She's incredible and talented.

More posts to come this week; pictures of the garden and CTMH trade show and more layouts and book reviews and whatever else catches my fancy. I'm going to take part in little birds colour week.

p.s. Happy Engagement Party to Sean and Adrienne. I'm sure it was a blast and look forward to seeing the pics.

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