July 13, 2006

Is the Suspense killing you???

I'm sorry, my bad, for not immediately announcing the winners of the Cheesebag Tournament. I can only image the unrest among you, the loyal readers.
The Cheese-ophy is back in the Hizz-ouse!! That's right the mild mannered gentlemen from The Great White North again defeated their America amigos. It's a 4-peat for them. However there was some chaos and controversy.
1) Canada was short one player so this win is a little sweeter.
2) The 'win' was actually a tie. But due to preset Cheesebag rules the trophy defaults to the previous year winners, Ryder Cup Rules. (yes. I know what Rider Cup rules are now, and now something else has seeped out the other side of my brain. I hope it wasn't important.)
3) The Holiday Inn in Binghamton was commandeered by the Red Cross due to the Susquehanna River having overflowed into the surrounding areas. A few hours of emergency Red Phone communication the day before show-down and the tournament was relocated to Syracuse.

Overall a good time was had by all. RJ has a large bruise on his inner-thigh from a mechanical bull ride the night before show-down. Another tactic from the Americans to compromise the Canadian game. No such luck, we're tough.


Nic said...

OK - you lost me on this one I have to admit!! BUT - I was lost on lots of other tournaments throughout University so really not all that surprising I guess!!!

Anonymous said...

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