August 22, 2006

Nikon Coolpix P4

As RJ said to a friend "It's like she woke up this morning and decided she wanted a new camera"
Yes and No. Yes, Bauer had just bit a piece of cover off the camera we had (it is still functional) and No, I've always wanted a new camera. Something that I could play with and become a semi-pro at. Of course seeing Nic's beautiful vacation shots also spurred on the new camera urge. The real push came with the sale at Henry's Cameras. Up until now I had thought that searching for a new camera was going to be very time consuming. There are many cameras with sometimes very little difference. But I stuck with my guns and a sale really does speak volumes, and within 24 hours Mama had a new camera.
And as Comedy Centrals Ed Helms says in his report Digital Watch: Digital Camera "This camera has letters and numbers in its name, it's got to be good"

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