August 03, 2006

No cottage for you!

RJ and I are not going to The Lake for the August long weekend. Subconsciously we knew this when we got Bauer. Going to The Lake for the August long weekend is a tradition. I can't remember a time I haven't made the 8 hour trip (sometimes longer depending on where I was coming from), for the two short days of fun and relaxation. A lot of good things happen on this weekend. Everyone makes it up to the cottage this weekend so it's a mini-reunion with childhood friends and family (sometimes a person can be both friend and family, it's a close knit Lake). There is The Club August party on Saturday night (a Jamaica theme this year). Then The Birthday Dinner Sunday night that Mom prepares for James, Aunt Di and myself. And of course visiting with Uncle Donald and driving him crazy with comotion for 72 hours :o)
This year was also going to be the Lake Swim. This has been postponed. That's right, postponed, not cancelled, I still intend on doing this, so it better be nice August long weekend, 2007.
So this year, James and Di will blow out the candles on the chocolate cherry birthday cake but there will be no picture taken if Di has anything to do with it.

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Cherrie said...

I hope you have a great birthday! That's too bad you aren't going to the lake. Maybe you can have your own Jamacian theme party at home :)