September 22, 2006


Two weeks ago, when there was nothing on TV we went to the video store and checked out the TV series section. Originally we thought we would watch one episode at a time, each night. No, No. Instead we ended up sitting in front of the TV for 3 1/2 hours intensely watching all 4 episodes unfold. We have limited it to 1 disc a night, too much and I end up having very weird dreams.
We rented Prison Break. And yes, we know the overall plot and we know that they escape, but I'm still surprised with each episodes dilemmas. It's a much more dark and intense drama than I'm use to, but it's prison, what should I expect.
It hasn't been too bad getting the discs one by one from the video store. However, last night I rented disc 5 and 6. We are committed to getting this series done this weekend. We watched disc 5 and at the very end hesitated about starting disc 6, because if we start it we will need to finish it. So we put the disc in to see how many episodes were on the last disc. There were 4? We were expecting 2. But what was really strange was that all the episode titles looked familiar??? Wait a second, this is DISC 2!!! Yes, we had disc 2 not 6. And then it hit me. Somewhere in the KW area someone rented disc 2 and they're watching it thinking, geezze, if they break out in the 5th episode what is left to come?!?! Poor souls.
p.s. I think Wentworth Miller could break-out simply by using his intense stare on a brick wall. He could be the best soap opera actor in the world.

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