September 30, 2006

Inside Day

It's been an inside day today. The cloud cover, rain, wool socks and hot tea give it a wonderful fall cozy feeling. It's also been a great day to do some cleaning. Next weekend I am hosting Thanksgiving for the first time (ever!) so while cleaning is eminent I thought that I would get a head start while RJ and Bauer catch up on their naps.
I just have to say that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser/Sponge is fantastic. We have (I mean had) a lot of scratch marks on the walls from moving, the lightning strike and throwing dog toys etc... and they all came off. Yes, the marks have been there for almost 4 months, if you are counting, however it's been too nice outside to attempt any major house work inside. Tomorrow if the weather is nice I will tackle the outside windows and the garden. I'll try not to overload you on the excitement that is being generated around here. Sometimes I wonder why I post stuff like this at all.

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