September 20, 2006

One more night

Believe it or not, I've never made a lasagna before. It always seemed a little complex and time consuming and there are of course 101 different recipes out there to choose from. And I don't like to make something and it not turn out. I'm horrible when a meal I make does not turn out. So why am I giving this a try? I found what I consider an easy recipe in Kraft Canada's What's Cooking magazine. It went....well. Timing is definitely an issue. Noodles, chopping ingredients, preparing sauce and having it all ready at the same time. And having a square lasagna pan would have helped. But it was edible. Nothing super fantastic, but not horrible. I was in a good mood and the small amount of alcohol from the cooler also helped calm the nerves. Of course, a lasagna of this size for just the two of us leads to multiple nights in a row of lasagna. RJ commented on night 2, "So with this lasagna deal, does that mean we have to have it all week?" Unfortunately this recipe serves 9, so ya.

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