September 25, 2006

Other duties as required

Early this morning RJ drove to the Y108 radio station in Hamilton to take part in an extremely hot chili eating contest. Yes that's right, chili eating at 7 in the morning and it's work related. RJ's work partner called Friday asking if he would enter the contest on behalf of his son as the chili he is required to eat is not kosher. So, Mr. Stunt Gut is there and I am here waiting for his radio debut.

7:13am - Listening to Smokin' in the Boys Room and remembering when I first heard that song.
7:20am - The contestants are signing waivers before eating the extremely hot chili, introductions coming up soon.
7:24am - Interviewing some guy that had a chili pepper theme for his wedding.
7:30am - news, weather and traffic.
7:32am - Listening to Born to be Wild and thinking that classic rock might not be my thing.
7:36am - They have to yell Y108 Rocks when they are done. Their bowl must be clear of all chunky content. And they are off!!!! RJ is still eating but he's slowing down, having a tough time, the son is cheering him on.
7:42am - Contest is over. Top 5 winners get tickets the rest get CD's.
8:00am - Spoke with RJ, he's doing alright. "Didn't have a chance. Some guy there won an Iron Gut competition, that's how serious the competition was."


Nicole said...

Karen - did you let him back in the house???

Mel said...

i think it's HILARIOUS! way to go RJ!