October 20, 2006

A year ago today ...

RJ and I were in Hawaii. I sigh heavily every time I think about Hawaii. I love Hawaii. I would go again in a heart beat. We packed our days full of sight seeing and adventure, but there was still so much more to do, other islands to visit, other beaches to relax by, other sights to see. I pine for Hawaii. I'll do almost anything to go back again. Even the dreaded connecting flights, sore muscles from sitting 10+hours and the jet lag. Although, I don't think that I would be thrilled to be there right now. While I'm sure I could handle earthquakes better than tornadoes, I'd like not to test that theory. Until we can go again, I've always got LOST.
p.s. A big thank you to the Ex-Marine from Kentucky who took this wonderful picture of us at Maunawili Falls. He had been stationed on Hawaii years ago and was visiting again with his girlfriend. Ex-Marines get to stay at the Kane'ohe Marine Corps base for a nominal amount. He told us that Hawaii supports and treats their Marines like family and he loves coming back every few years.

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