November 26, 2006

Long time coming

Last Friday I started to feel something annoy me eye. There was something on my contact lense that was not coming off. By Tuesday I was taking a cancelled appointment at the optometrists. My contacts were long over worn and should have been replaced months ago. There was a protein deposit that was scratching my eye. Caused damage to two of the five layers. So rather than give me a temporary set of contacts he wanted me to wear my glasses for the next few days to let it heal. While that is the logical way to proceed, and I sat there shaking my head in agreement, the illogical emotional side of me was screaming "Don't you see how old my glasses are? You want me to walk around with them on, outside, where people can see me?"
My glasses are 15 years ago. They were not chosen for wearing out, but wearing in, when I was going nowhere. So 15 year later, I'm wearing them out, Uggghhh! But I did so because he was set on not giving me temp contacts. (Not sure I really like him.) So I decided to get new glasses then and there but they would not be ready until the next day. Could I call in sick to work? No, I just started two weeks ago. I'll have to suck it up and look like Harry Potter for the day. Maybe no one would notice. Right. I got through the day making eye contact with only half a dozen people.

My new glasses are very nice. For now. Ask me in 2021 if I'll still like them.

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