December 10, 2006

Come in Tokyo, Toyko come in.

Look at those sad little eyes. How could I be so mean? He's fine. The droopy eyes he's giving me are trying to convince me to stop taking pictures of him. He's eyes are saying "It's a cone, people get it, they don't need 200 pictures of it." (to be fair it's only been 23 pictures).
Bauer's doing great after his neutering. He's GREAT. Jumping and playing and not obeying any of the rules. He's not drowsy or tired. In fact he's decided that now is the time he should start jumping over the plywood barriers we have keeping him in the bonus room. We've come home with The Bionic Dog.
Our only problem is his collar doesn't fit in his kennel. We put him in the kennel the first night and heard a little whimpering. Then a howl. We went down stairs and his collar was smushed into the top half of the door and his neck was turned 180 degrees. On an ordinary day Bauer will sleep with his head and body is opposite directions. But the discomfort of having it held straight up to the sky was obviously too much to take.
So he's got the collar until next weekend when the stiches come out. He's been really good about wearing it. Our walls, on the other hand, might need some paint after a week of battering.

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mel said...

maybe it runs in the family...when we picked Oscar up from the vet, the vet tech said, "he's very wiggly, i'm not sure how you're going to keep him calm for the next week...." he's been jumpier ever since. and they say that neutering calms them down - i'm not so sure about that!