January 02, 2007

Sights of the Season

Here are some pictures taken over the Holidays. I made some Chocolate Chip Cranberry Cookie Mixes for some friends and as a Thank you to my references that helped me get my new job. I've been told by my old boss that they are tasty. I wish I could remember where I got the receipe from.Here is the Angel on top of our tree. This is the Angel I had growing up. My mom got a new one a few years ago and I snuck this one out of the house last year. Sorry James, too slow!We celebrated my Dad's 60th birthday and a Henderson Christmas the Saturday before. This was taken with Dad's new digital camera (which I hear he really really likes!)On Christmas Eve RJ and I settled in to watch It's a Wonderful Wonderful Life. I love this movie and watch it every year. Fortunately this year the commercials didn't bother us too much. I always wanted a dress like Donna Reeds. Velvet with a lace collar. (p.s. I discovered I have a black and white setting on my camera. How did I not know this?) Here is our Christmas Tree, Christmas morning with gifts. Time 6:43am. Notice the garlands and decorations stop about a foot from the bottom? Doggie prevention.Christmas Day we headed to Burlington for dinner and gift exchange with RJ's Mom, sister Joanne and brother in-law Steve (and of course Marlie). A marvelous meal, we are officially stuffed to the gills, hence RJ's uncomfortable look.Bauer certainly enjoys RJ's new hockey bag.New Years Eve was just another night here at Palace Payne. We watched RJ's new The Office DVD's Season 2 and went to bed at 11:00pm. Party poopers I know! Maybe next year. Happy New Year all!

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mel & james said...

Karen, didn't you or your mom have a whole book full of those types of recipies??