March 17, 2007

Saturday Morning Laugh

The scene was 7:30am, me in red and white flannel snowflake pajamas, cup of tea in hand, hesitantly deciding to read an article about William Shatner's roast in The Kitchener Record. (By the way, My Aunt Vera went to school, or was it taught at the same school in Montreal that Willy went to)
"The legendary Star Trek captain who reinvented himself as a satirical pop icon on shows like Boston Legal is urging his old Trek castmate, Leonard Nimoy, to partake in the festivities.
"Ah Bill!" whines the man who once played Spock. "Those roasts are terrible - that's not for a dignified person like you. A roast is for a pig! Why are you doing this - is it for the food?"
Shatner breathes deeply "Leonard, it's a roast", he explains patiently.
"They get a bunch of comedians no one's ever heard of, a few B-level celebrities I've never met, some train wreck in a dress who use to be 'hot' and everybody makes fun of me -- it's gonna be so much fun!"
p.s. the train wreck was Farrah Fawcett.

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