March 26, 2007


Jen and I went to St. Jacobs on Saturday. We manged to complete the hat-trick of St.Jacob's tourism, the outlet mall, the market and the town. The horses were outside the market. This is as close as Jen would allow me to get. I had to zoom in for the picture from across the street because of the Beware of Horses sign. I tend to put a safe distance between me and beast when approaching any strange animal. "There is a reason that there is a sign Karen?" I really don't want to know what misfortune happened to the visiting tourist that lead to putting up the sign.
As always St.Jacobs didn't disappoint. Their cinnamon buns were delish, their produce fresh, their quilts beautifully hand made, their antiques top of the line. We missed a few places and skipped over the clothing boutiques (I didn't realize that a Mennonite village would be so haute couture!) and agreed that the huge dill pickle on a stick was a must for next time. That will definitely require a close up picture.

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