June 12, 2007

Snyder's Flats

RJ and I had heard a few people at the Dog Park talking about a nice place in Bloomingdale where the dogs were allowed to run free and swim. We decided to check it out because wanted to expose Bauer to water/swimming before heading up to my cottage in August. So, Monday night we headed over to Snyder's Flats. When we got there we had to walk a little to reach the ponds, but the sound of laughing kids and barking dogs was a quick give-away to its location.
Once there, RJ waded into the water. Bauer was not so confident, but slowly waded in a little. He quickly decided that rock hopping would suit him better, and still achieve his goal of reaching RJ. Eventually we coaxed him into deeper water and like all parents eventually gave him the push he needed. He swam a little between two rocks for a few minutes. Then it was over. Not sure if he wasn't interested or if he felt there was no reason to go out and swim. More than likely the latter, so RJ and I are going to try to find some water toys for him to retrieve and let instinct take over.
Snyder's Flat's is a beautiful place. Not too big but calm and quiet enough. A swimming hole for locals (I was surprised that there was a dozen people swimming Monday night at 7:30pm) There are other ponds for fishing which I am sure RJ will check out in the near future. We'll definitely be heading back soon.

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