August 01, 2007

July catch-up

I decided to take July off from posting. (this was decided late into the month.) It’s also starting to look like August is going the same way, and we can’t have that because my Mom and Uncle Donald are sitting at the cottage wondering where the posts are. And I don’t like to disappoint. So here is the catch up post from July. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thank goodness I take photos, they help jog the mind.

1) I finished Harry Potter #7 in a week. If I wasn't at work or sleeping I was reading. It was good. I loved the ending especially Snape's memories. Always been a big fan of Snape and knew there had to be more to his back story.
2) RJ and Team Canada won their golf tourney. This year it was held in Montreal so it was the “Sac de Fromage”. Next year there will be a switch up of teams. No more 49th parallel diving the teams.
3) Found, tired and LOVE this recipe for a quick cheesecake desert. So many variations you could do. Differnet Oreo cookies, differnet toppings. And they are the perfect size! I'm getting addicted to this Kraft website.
Okay not as much to catch up on as I thought.

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