January 07, 2008

Christmas Mini Album

I promise that this is the last Christmas post (that I can see for the near future). I finished my Christmas mini-album. This is a reason to celebrate people!! I hardly ever finish things this quickly. I have projects that are 4 possibly 5 years in the making. But this album was so quick to complete because it was simple and I didn't obsess over every little thing. Is this embellishment good enough? Do these papers match? I went with my gut and threw it together in a couple of hours. Arm fist pump, yes!!

I lifted this idea from Marci. I added a few extra pages at the beginning to capture all our holiday activites not just the cards. I like the way it turned out and look forward to making one every year. You can see all the photos by clicking here. I'm not sure why the pages aren't showing in order. I haven't figured out Flickr yet.

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