March 28, 2008


Looking for something to do this weekend? Why not check out the Swanning in Stratford. From the website:
It’s time to don your spring finery and spend a weekend swanning about Stratford. This March 29 and 30 we pull out all the pageantry stops to celebrate the Release of the Swans—a town crier, a parade lined with well-wishers, heralds, pipers for rousing marching music and a concert by musicians from the Stratford Civic Orchestra to attend the swimming swans. The Stratford Shakespeare Festival previews the 2008 season’s set designs and struts its best stuff at the Costume Warehouse. When evening falls, the lights go up on musical soirees all over town, and glasses and forks will lift the city’s finest food and drink to toast the swans and the coming season of theatre and Summer Music. Come swan about with us on this wonderful spring weekend!

If you can't go, make sure to check out the upcoming season at The Stratford Festival on-line. I want to see at least half of plays but my top ‘must see’ is The Music Man. So many great songs: Gary Indiana, Marion the Librarian, We’ve got Trouble! This page offers many different savings options when buying tickets through their different programs. I signed up for the Play Encore.

p.s. Did anyone watch Slings and Arrows? I saw a few episodes and loved it! A great Canadian series taking a behind the scenes look at the lives of the people who run and act at the ‘New Burbage Theater Festival’.

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