March 26, 2008

We're a little cracked

Right after Valentines Day I start to see these little guys in the grocery store. I always test my will power and hold out until Easter to buy one. Actually, I buy three. The first one is for Nicole. The second one is for Cherrie. And the third one is for me. Of course I eat all three but I eat them in honour of my Egg Girls. There are quite a few memories with us and the eggs but my fondest one is of Cher, Nic, Katie and I, in Cher and Katie’s basement apartment in 2nd year. We sat in the 50’s styled kitchen one afternoon (and into the night) laughing, playing Euchre, drinking beer and eating eggs. How our stomachs handled that sugary mess I'll never know.

To my friends, far away but close at heart, wishing you oooey gooey goodness today and always. Love ya!

p.s. Sweet Tooth Alert: Check out this recipe for Cadbury Cream Egg muffins. Yikes!!


Anonymous said...

When we were living in the apartment Mel and I bought the pack of 48 easter cream eggs from costco.
Sad thing is.. Mel doesn't eat them.
Sadder thing is... they didn't last too long.

- James

Nicole said...

LOL, I cracked up when I saw these on your blog! I always think of you when they hit the shelves!! I shudder to think of how many we actually ate!!

Cherrie said...

I found Christmas Cadbury eggs yesterday.. I bought three!