April 21, 2008


When RJ gets ready to go for a run Bauer likes to make it well known that he would be more than happy to accompany him. He 'hounds' RJ to try to get him to reconsider.
Bauer first uses his body to prevent RJ from putting on his shoes. No luck. He then turns his tactics to the language of love and smothers him with kisses while he stretches. I must admit I have sometimes used this same tactic to get what I want. Maybe that's why RJ isn't falling for itHis last effort is the 'act natural' walk to the door. Nothing could be more normal than a dog following his owner out for a quick morning jog, right? But RJ's quick to catch on,
and Bauer is forced to watch from a far.
And then the watching, the wanting and the waiting begins.
20 minutes later when he's given up all hope that RJ will ever return he spies him coming up the driveway and meets him on the landing wagging his tale and wanting to hear all about the outside world. And then lick his sweaty head. Why? It's just what he does. He's RJ little Towel Boy.

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