April 23, 2008

Pet Info

Uncluttered had a post about Organizing your pet information in case of an emergency. Most of the this info I have, somewhere, but I need to get the other contact info and put it all together. Another small task to add to our 'Get Things Done' list.

In addition to their points I would add:

1 - Record the number of your pets City tags/license.

2 - Provide your dog-sitter/dog-walker with a copy of the ER information.

3 - Have multiple dog tags. If your dog-sitter lives in another city or you spend the summers at the cottage a local dog license with the local contact info will help get your pet back to you sooner.

4 - Give your Kennel a copy of the info as well. They might not be able to contact you while you are travelling.

5 - Storing the primary info in your PDA or cell phone is a good idea as well. RJ, are you on that?

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