July 26, 2008

Holiday Check List

As you read this I am driving up to The Lake for 10 days! The last time I spent more than 72 hours there I had just graduated from University. The Summer of 1997, I think. I have a lot planned for this week. Here's what I'll be up to.

~ Eating 'Page donuts' (if Jenn will stop)

~ Sunday Dinner, a good catch up and possibly a card game with Donald, Di and Mike.

~ Visits with the Girls. (Excited about this the most!)

~ Finishing two books, maybe three.

~ Dinner and a good catch up with James and Mel.

~ Visit with Vera.

~ Swim the Lake. Finally!

~ Visit with Jenn. I've never been on Drinkell Island, that I can remember. Imagine that!

Enjoy your week and long weekend for those in Ontario.

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