August 26, 2008

Good Morning Sam

The Lake is the only place Bauer is allowed to raom be freely. He and his partner in crime, Cousin Oscar, have a very busy schedule. They remind me a lot of the Looney Tunes cartoon where Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf punch in on the time clock, "Good Morning Sam"' "Good Morning Ralph", the morning bell rings and they are off to start the day.First up, chewing sticks. Bauer is protecting his stick from Oscar who wants whatever stick Bauer has. Bauer has learnt to chew very quickly.
A good game of Hide and Seek can last all morning.
Lunch time break/breather.
Back to it, swimming and fishing.
Bauer gets some extra rest with his Pop....
while Oscar is left to Meet-n-Greet at the dock.Then Synchronized Watching. They are always intrigued by us swimming out to the rocks. (And by 'us' I mean everyone but me) Then the five o’clock bell rings and it’s all pleasantries again: "Good night Ralph" "Good night Sam, See you tomorrow". It's been a busy day when they curl up together and don't keep one eye open.

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mel said...

What an accurate description of dog-life at the cottage! lol :)