August 06, 2008

Holiday Update

I'm back from a very restful vacation. The weather wasn't great but everything else was. So here is a little update on my list from my previous post until I can get the new posts and pictures up.

~ Eating 'Page donuts' (if Jenn will stop) - Not done. Jen informed me that the donuts aren't the same as when were young. I didn't want to ruin the memory of the old donuts, so we didn't stop.

~ Sunday Dinner, a good catch up and possibly a card game with Donald, Di and Mike. - Done. Pizza from The Station (I think) but instead of a game we talked and then watched the Paul McCartney concert in Quebec City that was on PPV. It was awesome. I was singing the same songs for days and loving it.

~ Visits with the Girls. (Excited about this the most!) - Done. Monday we all gathered at Lenorah's cottage and had a great time. It was so good to see everyone.

~ Finishing two books, maybe three. - Not done. I finished one, but there were only 20 pages left. I started another book and only got 50 pages in. I have a lot of reading to do before the first book club meeting.

~ Dinner and a good catch up with James and Mel. - Done. Not all at one sitting but it was great to spend more casual time with them.

~ Visit with Vera. - Done. Not as long as I would have liked but I sat myself down beside her at the party on Saturday night and had a good chat.

~ Visit with Jenn. I've never been on Drinkell Island, that I can remember. Imagine that! - Partially done. I went to Drinkell Island but Jenn wasn't there and I didn't make it inside the house.

~ Swim the Lake. Finally! - Not Done. Excuses to come later.

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