August 01, 2008

KW Rib and Beer Fest

When RJ heard about the KW Rib and Beer fest there was no hesitation about what we would have for dinner Friday night. When we got there we started checking out our options.
It's always important to check out their trophies. Hopefully some are recent.Then check out the BBQ-er. Serious looking, lots of wood near by, not afraid to use the sauce.After ordering there is a bit of a wait. You can't hurray the smokin' process. The girl in the white shirt behind RJ (3rd in line) ordered the Veggie special. I was quite surprised that any true-to-the-craft rib place had a Veggie special. After looking around I spotted this sign: RJ's first sample: Not bad but they weren't fall off the bone good.
All this happened before our friends Cam, Amy and little Brooke joined us. Once they arrived we grabbed a table, more beers and the boys went for more ribs. We had to purchase commemorative beer tasting glasses. They were the perfect size for Brooke, so while the boys were away the girls played.
She looks incredibly comfortable holding that beer Cam.
"Can I get another 5 here?" A sign of the future?
"Wait a minute, I no feel so good." Light weight.
RJ was pretty happy with the second set of ribs from Boss Hogs. The meat fell off the bone. But no time for smiling, eating now.

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