September 09, 2008

Sandwich Memo

I came across this newspaper clipping in a recipe box at the cottage. I love the title 'Sandwich Filling Memo'. It sounds like something that was included in a company newsletter along with the guidelines on proper skirt lengths and Christmas party etiquette. Enjoy and please! please! please! let me know if you have tried any of these....creative....combinations.

Sandwich Filling Memo
Here is a run-down of sandwich filling combinations you might like to clip and pin up over the counter for those times when you need inspiration for the traveller’s lunch, based on what you have in the refrigerator.

Egg filling plus one of the following:
Grated cheese, a little prepared mustard
Crumbled, crisp bacon
Chopped corned beef or luncheon meat, prepared mustard
Sliced wieners, ketchup
Deviled ham, chopped pickle, prepared mustard

Peanut Butter plus on of the following:
Chopped celery or green pepper
Applesauce and a sprinkling of nutmeg
Banana slices (I love this! especially on toast)
Grated orange or lemon rind
Grated carrot with mayonnaise (what? pb and mayo?)
Marmalade or honey

Cream Cheese plus one of the following:
Crumbled, crisp bacon, relish
Minced onion and sour cream (onion dip on bread?)
Finely chopped cucumber and green onion
Sliced radishes
Chopped cooked dried apricots or prunes or chopped dated or nuts

Meat Combinations:
Minced ham, drained crushed pineapple, hint of cloves, mayonnaise
Canned luncheon meat, chopped, sweet pickle, mayonnaise, touch of thyme
Sliced canned meat, coleslaw, mayonnaise, pinch of caraway seed (coleslaw in the sandwich?)
Chopped chicken, nuts, olives, mayonnaise or salad dressing

Cheese Combinations:
Blue cheese, crumbled crisp bacon, chili sauce, salad dressing
Swiss cheese, deviled ham, pickle relish, mayonnaise
Cheese spread, sliced luncheon meat, prepared mustard
Bland cheese spread, chopped anchovies, a little mayonnaise or French dressing
Sharp cheese spread, tomatoes sprinkled with oregano, mayonnaise

Fish Combinations:
Sardines, chopped egg, chili sauce, lemon juice, mayonnaise
Flakes salmon, minced onion, chopped cucumber, lemon juice
Flakes tuna, chopped apple, lemon juice, lettuce, mayonnaise
Sardines, chopped dill pickle, mustard
Tuna, drained crushed pineapple, lemon juice, French dressing, lettuce

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