October 17, 2008

Week 2 Pictures

October 8th: After taking this photo I had to back away slowly from the Costco book aisle. It's quite a temptress.October 9th: Unplanned lunch date with RJ. He loved the new BBQ chicken combo.October 10th: The sunrise on my way to work.
October 11th: The ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner in the back seat of the car. 3 grocery stores and one LCBO stop. Home by 10am.
October 12th: Both sides of the family (immediate) together for dinner.
October 13th: RJ was taking a photo of Bauer and I on the walking trail and after I heard the shutter I bent down to give Bauer a kiss for sitting so still and RJ caught it. I liked this picture more.October 14th: Time to vote.

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Claire said...

that photo of you and bauer in the woods is adorable! great colors, too.