December 18, 2008

Snow-mageddon, really?

That's right folks (Nicole are you listening?) we are preparing for snow-mageddon here in South Western Ontario. The Snowpocalypse is on it's way. Thank goodness we bought that second snow shovel this year.

What's a 'Snow-mageddon' you ask?

From Environment Canada's website "Mother nature from time to time will line up a near perfect set of conditions that generate a series of significant events. That time appears to be the coming week or so for many portions of southern Ontario in the form of snow storms. There appears to the right balance of sufficiently cold air in place with Arctic highs to the north and a storm track along the lower Great Lakes. The cumulative effect of multiple storms over the same general area can have significant impacts."

Sounds a lot like what George Clooney described in the Perfect Storm, just on land and with snow.

From The Record “The term 'snow-mageddon' is not meant to alarm anyone or make light of the situation, but to highlight the cumulative effects and impacts that a series of snow storms can have on a wide region,” the statement says.

We'll keep you informed. Our corespondent RJ Payne will be covering the storm as it unfolds. From our driveway. With snow shovel in hand. Lucky guy!!


Krystal said...

We're waiting for Snowmagedon here too...too funny, a little snow in Southern Ontario and we think the world is ending. People out in the rest of the country must think we're a bunch of softies :)

illona from scruffy dog photography said...

this is why we so GRACIOUSLY allow our neighbor to store his snowblower in our garage. ;)

(thanks for spotting the scruffy dog-mobile and stopping by the blog!)