December 22, 2008

Storm Watch Wrap up Edition

My coverage of Snow-meggadon ended once I arrived home from work. Only taking 1 hour to get home (albeit in the middle of the day) was a success story.
To finish our coverage here are a few wrap-up photos. The boughs on the trees were drooping with snow. Luckily the high winds from the weekend blew all the snow off. By 4:53pm the snow had stopped falling and we were some-what graced with the sun's presence. The weather reports were right and we got about 15cm on Friday. RJ was way too happy to care about what he was drinking after the final shovel of the driveway. On Sunday there was some snow removal necessary because of the high winds. Bauer is loving being out front with RJ while he shovels. However he has destroyed his Chewber in all the fun. It now looks like a ring toss game.

And to finally sum up this morning there was about 5 cm of light snow on the driveway. RJ, the snow trooper he is, was at it before I headed out to work. He did not bring Bauer out with him and boy did I hear about it. Bauer paced between the front door and the Bonus room window the entire time RJ was outside.
Poor fella.

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