February 24, 2009

Another Season of 24

I must admit that this season of 24 is back on track with the original season. I stopped watching last season (as I'm sure a lot of people did) because the plot was hokey. OK, the terrorists with weapons plot line is back again this year but they lured me back with a more limited cast (originals Jack, Chloe, Bill) and new faces, like this guy....
Colm Feore is the President's husband. An awesome actor that I look forward to seeing again at The Stratford Festival this summer. With those intense eyes how could I not give this season a try.

Philboy at Give Me My Remote recaps '24' every week. At the end of his post there is a section called "Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned from Jack Bauer (and Others)…". Some of my favorites so far are:

~ When you get in a shootout, you can just leave any dead bodies wherever the end up. It’s fine.
~ If you know someone who won’t believe things about their significant other, have a photo slide show on your phone ready to go as evidence.
~ If you want to keep something secret and not let anyone know you have it, make sure it glows.
~ A street being “One Way” is really only a suggestion.
~ Surviving a multiple car crash is easy. It’s a kick to the side that hurts!
~ It is totally OK to push your co-workers.
~ The best time to have a discussion where someone’s life is on the line and one person has a gun pointed at the other is next to a car on fire.
~ The more syllables something has, the more deadly it is.
~ Saying, “Copy that!” is so much more badass than saying, “OK.”
~ If I tell you I am going to shoot you, but not kill you, trust me.
~ Just because I make you bleed a lot, doesn’t me I screwed up.
~ Going into a trial without a lawyer isn’t poor legal strategy. It’s BADASS!

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Jill Beninato said...

I totally agree with you...it is so nice to see the old Jack back...he is totally badass this season and there is no time for whining or pesky emotions...ha ha!
The President makes me want to scream from time to time, but other than that, it's all good!