March 16, 2009

The Dansbury Dog Whisperer

~While on our walk with Bauer at the school yard this weekend I mentioned to RJ that we should try to keep Bauer on the out-field of the baseball diamond. The ground there was a little less soggy and muddy and I was trying to minimize the dirt being brought into our house this past week.
~On our Sunday walk we played around the baseball diamond, throwing the ball near the limited dry spots. When we came around the out-field fence RJ threw it into center field. Bauer raced after it and did a little victory lap after catching it. When Bauer gets tired and needs a breather he doesn't come straight back to us but loops around the field and then lies down in the grass to catch his breath.
~While we were waiting for him RJ mentioned how warm it was out side and how Bauer, use to the cooler winter temps, was probably getting hot. I disagreed and said the cool breeze still made it feel like spring and probably kept him cool. I was wrong. I should never have disagreed with The Dansbury Dog Whisperer.
~At that exact moment Bauer decided it was time to properly cool off.
What's that black spec in the distance?Oh NO he didn't!!!Bauer get your butt up and out of there!!!At least he didn't roll in it.
The Damage was mostly from the waist down.
But how can anyone stay made at that happy muddy puppy smile?

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