March 31, 2009


I'm not getting anywhere with my camera search. Actually that's not true, I am completely confused. That is somewhere just not were I want to be. I took the weekend to review what I want from my camera and have decided that a point and shoot is probably the most functional for right now. I carry my camera with me 90% of the time so size is important and while I want to start experimenting with settings clear 'in the moment' pictures are more important. Knowing that I want a P&S is helpful but wow! there are so many choices. It's gone up exponentially since I bought the Nikon 2 years ago. This isn't going to be a 24 hour decision like last time instead I'm planning on spending my lunch hours at the camera store down the street. I may end up even more confused but knowing me, as I do, I'll probably walk out of there with a camera in 2 visits. Bauer did well with his hurdles this weekend. Now that spring is here the trees covering our paths will soon be removed so we had to get a few action shots. His flying ears remind me of Dumbo.

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