March 05, 2009

One year ago....

We had a very unhappy puppy. Bauer punctured his paw on a walk in our local park. Of course he wasn't phased by it he had more important things on his mind. ie: catching the frisbee.

When we took him to the vet she explained that he had a puncture an inch deep up into his paw and that he needed stitches inside the wound and outside as some of his paw/pad had been cut.

I remember many things.
~ When Bauer threw up after his surgery it was the worst smell. The Worst. The drugs to sedate him and some of that mornings breakfast. Eeewwww!!!
~ Having to triple bag Bauer's foot to take him outside was a pain but we got really good at it. And he got good at getting it off, while outside. Oh dear, I just remember that this time last year we had a huge snow storm and at least 10 inches of fresh snow. (knocking on wood)
~ We took turns sleeping down stairs with Bauer. We brought a twin mattress into the family room and we alternated nights. (That lump under the covers is RJ)
~ RJ liked having the mattress down stairs. It was up against the couch and gave a feel of stadium seating. A mini-stadium. Bauer loved the snuggle time.
~ Wrapping a dogs foot with gauze, a worn sports sock and hockey tape isn't pretty looking put it gets the job done.
~ And the most important thing we learned is when a dog is hurt they will mask their pain. Our vet told us that if a dog shows signs of weakness/pain/injury the 'pack' will discard them. She has attended to dogs hit by cars and when she walks into the room to examine them they actually wag their tail as if there is nothing wrong. It's so important to know your dog and monitor any change in behavior and talk to your vet about it.


Lyn said...

He's a brave boy, Bauer is..stalwart and resistant like his namesake, Jack Bauer, from"24".
My guy, Milo the cat, a love that lasts!!

Claire said...

aww, poor bauer. that is really interesting what your vet said--i never knew that, but it makes so much sense. definitely a good thing to keep in mind.