March 09, 2009

That cheap turkey lowered my average

To celebrate Daylight Savings Time (just to let Spring know we are waiting for her) we had RJ's Mom over for dinner on Sunday. I had bought a turkey on sale a few weeks ago and I wanted to reclaim the right half of my freezer.

Unfortunately, it was disastrous.

1) Uncooked turkey (I will never buy non-Butterball again)
2) Soggy stuffing (see uncooked turkey)
3) Rationed mixed vegetables (3 cups is not enough for 3 people)
4) Dark gravy with black pieces (bringing to a boil to quickly and not stirring constantly)
5) Over cooked crusty buns (they weren’t suppose to be crusty)
6) Non-crumbly Apple Crumble (I ran out and got a cheesecake).

But the wine was good. And so were my Mother-in-Laws potatoes.

I should have know things were off to a bad start when I miscalculated the cooking time for the turkey. Darn LBS and KG confusion. Oh sure it could have been worse, we could have gotten food poisoning or had to go out for McD's. Instead everything was cooked twice including my Turkey Ego. The thing is I'm 3 for 3 when it comes to turkey dinners. Batting 1.000. A home run every time. I guess I got greedy and thought I could have turkey on a made up holiday, cut corners by not making everything from scratch and WHAMO I got put in my place.

From now on turkeys (specifically Butterball Plump and Juicy) are for real holidays and slaving in the kitchen for hours is a requirement for perfection. I've learnt my lesson, I'll respect the turkey from now on.

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