June 23, 2009

3rd Annual Father's Day 10K

It's that time once again, it's the Father's Day 10K. Otherwise known in our house as the "They should start this race earlier because it's so bloody humid out" 10K.

Before the race I had RJ and Craig pose for the camera. I told them to give me a serious look AND to smile.RJ started to question me. Craig just tried his best. No questions asked. Good man. A few seconds afterwards they both confessed to being confused by my directions (what?? not possible) so I took a second picture and had them just smile. Ah, better.Once the race starts Bauer and I have a 40 minute wait. A good portion of that time (and my battery power) was spent trying to get Bauer to pose in front of the football tackling equipment. This was the best shot.He was looking straight at me (ie: the cookie I was holding) until a stray soccer ball caught his attention. Curses, another photo ruined to the retrieving instinct.
Around 46 minutes Craig came bounding around the track.He told me before the race that he wanted to break 45 minutes so he wasn't going to wave for my picture this year. Wind resistance maybe? He didn't make his goal (did I mention it was really humid?) so he could have waved. But how was he suppose to know.
And then along comes RJ....
A tad too serious. RJ loves to ham it up for the camera when he's running. But again the humidity can be mood altering. Congrats guys. Let's hope next year that Father's Day is a weekend earlier.

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