June 22, 2009

The Flats

Last weekend we took our first trip of the season to Snyder's Flats. The walk to and around the flats is complete torture for Bauer. There are three access points (we usually use the last one) and at each path Bauer runs ahead of us unable to contain his excitement. And then he runs back because we have walked on.
At the first access:The water is right there!! It was so serene and beautiful that morning.
Who knew 10 minutes later a black lab would shake the place up.

Access numero deux. It's there it's there. Can we go now? At the turn in the path there is a telephone phone pole that Mr & Mrs Large Bird build a nest at the top of every year. With my 6x optical zoom I got a pretty good picture of them.
Finally we are at the beach-y part of the flat and Bauer assumes the ready position And then there is a lot of this.
Pure doggie heaven.

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