August 27, 2009


While walking the dog around the neighbourhood.....

RJ: Speaking of poop, do you know where my underwear is?
RJ: I checked the laundry hamper, nothing, then I checked the washer and dryer, nothing.
RJ: It's weird, I can't find them.
K smiling: I know exactly were they are. In my hamper. I forgot to put the last load in two nights ago. Sorry!
RJ: I didn't check there. That's okay.
K: Darn, I should have said the Underpants Gnomes got them.
RJ: Yeah, that would have been good timing.
K: What would have been funny is if you emailed me about it. Then I could have used the underpants gnomes line and it would be funny because all along I would know where they were and you still wouldn't know.
RJ: Ha ha, real funny.
K: Well it would have been to me.
K with a look of horror: Wait a minute, does this mean you're not wearing underwear now??

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