August 19, 2009

One for the Road

We went to a surprise 40th Birthday party for my Brother-in-Law last weekend. We brought Bauer because he loves to play with my in-laws dog Marlie. However, there were too many people around for a good tussle but there was plenty of new places for them to explore, sniff out and leave their mark on. Over and over and over. There was one Hosta that must have been peed on 6 times. By each dog!
Our party hosts have three dogs of their own so there were plenty of outside water bowls around but Bauer found one on his own.

It was a little awkward when a few of the guests wanted drinks but can you blame him? It was the coolest water in the place! He was tuckered by the end of the night so we didn't need a 'traveller' home.

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