September 14, 2009

Celebrity Encounter

Scene: Jen and I are waiting in line outside of the Elgin Theater to pick up our tickets for the Toronto International Film Festival showing of The Informant.

Celebrity Lady: Excuse me, is this line to pickup tickets?

Jen: Yes.
Celeb: How far back does it go?
Jen: Not that far.
Celeb: OK, thanks.
Jen: No problem.

pause - raised eye look between us

Me: Was that...
Jen: Yes....

pause - look around and Celebrity Lady 5 feet away

Jen: You think she would have 'people' to do this for her.
Me: Yeah, or have the tickets delivered to her hotel.

pause - I take a good look at Celebrity Lady.

Me: That's really...
Jen: Yes.
Me: Huh. It looks like she's going to the back of the line. Kudos to her.

We proceed to get our tickets and go to the end of the ticket holders line.

Jen: This is moving quickly
Me: I bet she doesn't have to go to the end of this line. They'll sneak her in.
Jen: Yeah. I wonder is she is in a moving that's showing or if she's just here for fun.
Me: I don't know.

We walk around the corner (it was a long line).

Me: Okay! Can we just say it out loud. That was Dana Delaney right?
Jen: Yes, right.
Me: Good, just wanted to make sure.
Jen: Why? Was it not obvious?
Me: It was my first thought, but honestly, she looks fabulous! I thought for sure I was getting her mixed up with someone younger. Don't you think she looks great?
Jen: Very good, but short. Why is everyone on TV so short?
Me: I don't know, but we'd be giants in their world, no one would hire us. I guess we should stick to the jobs we have.
Jen: Lucky us.
Me: Yeah. Lucky.

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