October 18, 2009

Giant Book Sale

On our drive back from Oktoberfest we past by the Kitchener Public Library where their sign declared "Annual Giant Book Sale - Oct 17 and 18th." Lucky for us it was the 17th. With a quick u-turn we were parked and in the library basement going through boxes of books. A massive amount of boxes on tables, under tables, along hallways and on shelves. It was sensory overload. We had only paid for an hour of parking so we had to plan our attack and act swiftly. We covered all four corners and were ready (really ready) to leave when our hour was up.

The Bag Deal included a KPL bag (regularily $2.99) and as many books as you could fit inthe bag for $10. Books have individual prices (I believe mainly $1 each) but the Bag Deal is by far the best option.
Here is our full and heavy bag.
On the right we have assorted issues of Better Homes and Garden Magazines from 1958 to 2001. How often does gardening change? or recipes for that matter? Then A Christmas Carol by C. Dickens and The Best Christmas Pagent Ever by Barbara Robinson. On the left (thank you for pointing Bauer) we have a car maintenance manual for RJ's 1992 Ford Probe, A Christmas Treasury idea book, a Jack Nicklaus biography, a Benjamin Franklin biography, and Value Investing Today.
And on the very top 101 card games. A book for the cottage.

A very successful detour and an event that I'll make sure to get to next year. The KPL holds the sale every October. The WPL also has a book sale but it's date isn't consistant.

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