December 10, 2009

An Addition to the Ornament Collection

The Glass Pickle.
I added this ornament to reflect the German influence in the Kitchener/Waterloo area. I liked this idea better than an Onkel Hans on the tree.
The legend says that an ornament shaped like a pickle is a sign of good luck. Dating back to Germany, the pickle ornament was always the last one to be placed on the tree on Christmas Eve. Parents would hang the glass ornament inside the boughs of a fir tree, hidden amongst other ornaments. The first child to find the pickle would receive a special gift and the first adult would have a lucky year.
Nice tradition, right? Wrong. While there are a few flaws in the extended version of this legend the biggest problem is that "No one in Germany has ever heard of this tradition".

So, what new ornaments or fake traditions (!) are you adding this year?

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Living Martha 365 said...

Every year I tell myself I'm going to start the pickle tradition for our boys, and each year it seems to elude me in the flurry of baking, shopping, wrapping, & more baking. I must do it this year. :)