December 24, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

About a month ago I suggested to RJ a gingerbread house contest. Our friends Cam and Amy had one last year and it seemed like a fun activity to try. I thought we would both start out with the same store bought gingerbread house and the challenge would be in the decorating as I didn't think RJ would be to focused on the task for too long. But then I mentioned that I would post pictures of each house on the blog and get readers to vote for which on they liked best. Then he said "Karen, if it's going on the blog, it's an all in competition, design and decorating." The gloves were off.
This afternoon we sat down with our graham crackers, candies, royal icing and Christmas Music and without any plans what-so-ever, dove right in.In the true spirit of an unbiased competition I will not reveal who designed each house. (But I think it's fairly obvious...)Design #1 has a traditional cottage feel, with Christmas lights and a stone walkway. Don't miss the outdoor Christmas tree and candy cane hearts on the roof. Design # 2 has a contemporary 'Fort Awesome' feel, with it's two storey elegance, double car garage and personal helicopter pad.
Please let us know which house you prefer in the comments. Bauer seems to be quite interested in both, if the drool droplets on the floor around the kitchen table are any indication.


Nicole said...

I have to say the Heli pad did me in. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

I must say you are both very creative! I should post pics of the gingerbread house I did with the kids...must've been the fastest decorating in history as I was trying to get the candy onto the house and stop to kids from eating it all!
Judging on looks, I like design #1 but design #2 does win for creativity. The heli pad is awesome and the pretzel windows are a nice touch.

Alexa said...

I love the one with the helicopter pad! Love how it's 3 stories too! ;)

Both are very cute and unique.