December 15, 2009

The Wee One

We had a chance to meet our nephew Finn this weekend. He is a wee thing right now so sleeping is his favorite thing. He does wake up now and again to flash his little baby blues. But you've got to be entertaining or he starts to lose interest.

And then the stretch and yawn comes and then.......
he's down for the count. Again. But look at the size of those hands. You know the saying, a puppy will grow into his paws? We'll we've got a big basketball player here. But what do you do with them when you sleep? Cross them pretty?
Use them as pillows? But then you end up with a 'dumb arm' full of pins and needles that just flops all over the place.
But after a full day of family visits little Finn nodded off and started dreaming, moving those eyes and little lips of his. Is this a smile? A half smile? Who really knows, but that's what I'll say it is.

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