January 04, 2010


Okay, I'm back at it. Happy New Year, I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays as much as I did.

So 2010, what are we going to do with you? Currently I feel a little overwhelmed with the possibilities that are before us. I think a weekend of list making is in order!

We made a list last weekend of work we want to do around the house. A Wish List really. We kept ourselves grounded as RJ kept repeating "We can't get all of this done this year." Very true but it's nice to have a physical list to refer to, not something rattling up in my head, something I can hold and cross things off of when we are done (that's really the most exciting thing about making a list making right?).

Here's to Wish Lists and all we can accomplish in 2010.

I will be posting a compilation of 2009 moments. I've enjoyed reviewing all the photos from this year and remembering what a year it was.

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