January 31, 2010

User Friendly Stew

Scene: RJ and I are sitting down to dinner. We are having a crock-pot beef stew from SupperWorks. I pushed dinner back a 1/2 hour and turned the crock-pot on high to make sure that the beef was cooked. I'm a little paranoid about crock-pot cooking.

RJ is sifting through his stew with his spoon.
RJ: For the life of me I can't find any meat.
K pause......gasp!!
RJ: What, do you have all the meat?
K gasp, gasp gasp!! hands covering face.
K: No, there is no meat!!
RJ: What?
K: I forgot to defrost the second bag that had the meat in it.
RJ: What? Why?
K: Because I forgot it was in two bags!! I thought there were two stews in the bag.
RJ: So all we have is vegetables with gravy?
K: Looks like.
RJ: Good thing we added the potatoes.

Minutes later
RJ: The potatoes are nicely done, not overcooked or mushy.
K: Oh be quiet!!

p.s. In case you got the impression that SupperWorks meals are hard to prepare, I want to reassure you that they aren't. They are totally user friendly. As long as that user (me) is using their head!

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