January 27, 2006


RJ and I hadn't live together until after we were married. A traditional choice, however it gave our first year of marriage it's fair share of.....adjustments. Our individual routines were thrown together and new ones evolved. We were independent people who had lived on our own, made our own money and had our own schedules. Our first year was very challenging, but I am happy to say that on our third anniversary this past December, I finally feel like an 'us'. I am very happy and we have learned a great deal about adapting, being flexibile and communication and I can't imagine being with anyone else.

BUT, there is one thing. Food. Specifically dinner.

RJ is from a steak and potato family and I am more from a 'making-ends-meet' family. Pasta and hamburger were big staples and Sunday dinners spread into left-overs for Monday and Tuesday in casseroles or sandwiches. We have tried several variations of dinner. RJ is a very plain eater, no sauce or seasoning, just a little shake of salt is all he needs. I am, of course, the opposite. And while we have learned to accommodate one anothers tastes, I must admit that neither of us have a gourmet pallet.

We both agree that we should take some cooking classes, however our kitchen is 5' x 5' so there isn't much room for the creative juices to flow. Even still, I wonder if we have what it takes to make that special meal. The meal we would serve The Queen, is she popped by. (*smiles* thinking of the Kids in the Hall skit, where the Queen does pop by and they play, Truth or Dare.)
I read in 44 Scotland Street the following passage and it made me reflect on our simple eating.

"The subject of beauty would be shelved for the time being, she decided, as she
now had to think about lunch. There was some mozzarella in the fridge, and
that would go rather nicely with tomatoes. But did she have any basil?
Probably not, but then basil was not an essential. There were some who lived
entirely without basil, she reflected; some who had never heard of it;"
I just looked, I have no basil.

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Anonymous said...

how can you NOT have any basil? our spice shelf is exploding! i suppose we probably shouldn't make 'kickin chicken' the next time you & rj come to visit...a wee on the spicy side...but then it is meat...and i'm sure we could find some potatoes...hmmm...
chat soon,
your sis-in-law in st. thomas